Philip Leder

Lead Applications Developer / Senior Consultant

I have a great passion for mobile development; Lately I am into the process of delivering software, build pipelining, and constructing reliable test infrastructures that provide direct value to customers and developers. I also enjoy learning new technologies and have a great energy for action and results. I am a big fan of XP practices and enjoy working closely with others to produce a high quality code, and a successful product.

iOS/Objective C
5 years
4 years
7+ years
7+ years
6 years
2 years
5 years
  • April 2014 - Present
  • GeneralUI
Lead Applications Developer / Senior Consultant
  • Build and Lead agile software development teams for in-house and client development.
  • Consult with organizations seeking a transition from traditional waterfall to a more iterative software process.
  • Coach and participate with team members on development best practices like TDD, pair programming, and continuous delivery.

Technologies:Android Java, Android Studio, Eclipse, Gradle Xcode, XCTest Framework, Xcode Storyboards, Git, bash, Jenkins, Automated Testing, and Continuous Deliver Pipelining.
Clients: Nordstrom, DTS, 8ninths, Julep
  • October 2012 - April 2014
  • Twisted Pair Solutions
Principle Mobile Developer
  • Developed push to talk applications on iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • WAVE Mobile Communicator - App Store - Google Play
  • MOTORBO Anywhere Client - App Store - Google Play - Video
  • A member of a highly collaborative agile scrum team.
  • Followed XP practices including TDD, pair programming, CI Pipelines.

Technologies:Objective C, Android Java, Xcode CI bots, XCTest Framework, Xcode Storyboards, Git, bash, Jenkins, Automated Testing, Mac OSX Server, and Eclipse.
  • March 2010 - September 2012
  • Zipwhip
Software Developer
Technologies:JavaScript, ExtJS, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON, JAVA, Groovy, Grails, GSP, SVN, Linux, Ubuntu, Crontab, VMware, , MySQL, JSBuilder, Putty, Memcached, ActiveMQ, Facebook Javascript Integration, JEdit, InteliJ, and Eclipse.
  • December 2005 - March 2010
  • Boeing
Real-Time Software Engineer
  • Designing and developing the real-time framework and database management for Boeing airplane simulation for the 787 program.Created a real-time web based build status board and collaborative environment.
  • Greatly improved integration processes and automation to support a future continuous/daily build integration.
  • Developing web based content management system to generate user configured reports for 737 Interior Certification. My role to was to improve the CMS to become a modular web based application that gives the user the control to create their own reports.
  • WindChill Java web development to create an Advance Collaborative Environment (ACE). Soldiers use the tool get updated information on tactical information and supplies.

Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, PERL, BASH, XML, CVS, Linux, Java, JSP, C#, ASP, .NET T-SQL (SQL Server), and Visual Studio.
  • Jan 2000 - Present
  • Leder Consulting
Web Applications Developer
  • Web development server configuration and administration.
  • Groovy/Grails, Joomla CMS, and database web development building a media empire.
  • Websites
  • Jan - December 2005
  • Lionbridge
Spam Judge
  • Evaluated web sites to train Microsoft Live Search crawler AI.
  • Learned all the latest spam techniques and search engine tricks in order to report them to the neural network.
  • Sept. 2000 - March 2002
  • Allied Telesyn
Network Test Engineer
  • Developed Java and C# driver installation CD to accompany the network adapters for worldwide distribution.
  • Quality assurance testing and documentation on numerous network interfaces, switches, routers, and wifi equipment.
  • Tested on a variety of operating systems including: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Redhat Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Network hardware and software TCP/IP, UDP, quality, throughput, and stress testing on a variety of operating systems.
  • Windows WHQL hardware and driver certification testing.

Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java, Java Applets, Computer Hardware, TCP/IP, UDP, throughput testing, endurance testing, and stress testing.
  • Completing a Masters in Computer Systems from City University of Seattle.
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science with a Specialty in IS from Central Washington University.
  • Software development is not just a profession, but a passion and a constant learning experience.
  • Dedicated to building complete software and following an effective software development lifecycle.
  • Determined to find ways around any obstacle and a belief that anything is possible in this industry.
  • Strength Finder top 5 talent test results: Restorative, Arranger, Activator, Empathy, and Futuristic
  • Myers Briggs Personality Profile: INTP
  • Live Streaming Icecast Radio App. Forum iOS app using Tapatalk API.
  • Colored Pencil, Pastel Pencil, and Oil Pastel Art.
  • Building physical server hardware and advanced virtual machine and cloud server configuration.
  • Developing PHP, Mysql, Javascript, and XML web applications and widgets.
  • Half-life counter-strike game level design.
  • Building up my backyard playground for my kids. Equipted with 7 foot twirly slide.
  • Caring for my Koi Pond.
  • Wake Boarding and Boating.